How Loycards work

In brief:

  • Create your cards using the system’s easy-to-use card creation wizard (or contact us to make them together)
  • Ask your customers to scan with their mobile camera a QR code that is generated when your card is created. Their card will be stored in their mobile wallet.
  • Use the free Loycards puncher app to scan your customers’ cards and give them points and rewards

More specifically:

Go to, and create your own account by entering the necessary information about your business.

Customize/personalize your card and then “publish it”..

After publishing your card, you will get a QR code that you need to show to customers you want to give a points card to.

You can show the code to your customers by either printing it or accessing it from the “loyalty puncher” app, which you will need to download from the app store on your mobile phone.

Ask your customer to scan the QR code in one of the two ways above.

After scanning, the QR code will automatically lead the customer to fill in some data that you may have configured yourself, according to your needs.

After completing details successfully, the customer’s card is created and stored on their mobile phone, in their iOS or google wallet.

After the customer makes a purchase, he/she shows you his/her points card. You scan the QR code of the card using the “loyalty puncher” app.

After scanning, automatically a form opens where you can add the points to the customer’s card.

The points card is automatically updated with the new points so that the customer can instantly use it.

When the required points are collected, the customer can immediately follow the redemption process and get the rewards.

After redemption, the card has no more points and it can be used all over again to gain new points.